Since v0.9.0, the plugin can deliver a periodic report to the server administrator, detailing:

  • Renewal failures (off by default)
  • Renewal successes (off by default)

The reporting interval is 24h by default (see reporting.interval in config file).

The report is sent to the server administrator, which is calculated by default to be root@$(hostname).


We suggest to disable/enable via the WHM UI. However, you can do so via the CLI also:

le-cp config set --key report_successes --value true
le-cp config set --key report_failures --value true
le-cp config set --key email_admin_destination --value "root@$(hostname)"

Send a report immediately

You can force a report to be sent immediately, which will send all the reported events during the current interval, and will reset the interval timer to the current time.

le-cp reporting send-now