Building From Source

This is for organisations that have purchased the Developer licence, which grants limited rights to the source code to the plugin.

You will have received your credentials for source access in an email upon purchase.

You may download any released version as a .tar.gz archive.


The build environment uses Docker, for ease of reproduction.

This means that you will need to have a Linux host running Docker (we use 1.9.1), be it via an actual Linux host or using boot2docker.

Building an RPM

The build process is not overly complicated.

First, extract the tarball:

$ tar zxf letsencrypt-cpanel-*.src.tar.gz

Building the Docker image

If this is the first time you are going through this process, you will need to build the Docker image for the build environment:

$ make docker-build-setup

This will take a while the first time, as it will be downloading the entire build environment (approx 460mb extracted). Upon success the output should end with something like:

Successfully built 482b10de5cd4

The Docker image is an Alpine Linux environment with Go and Ruby 2.2, setup to generate a statically linked package.

Running the build process

Once the image is successfully built, you can run the following:

$ make docker-build

which will generate an .rpm file in the working directory upon completion. You may install this rpm directly to your cPanel servers, as per the licence agreement.

Upon successful completion, the output will end with something like:

Created package {:path=>"letsencrypt-cpanel-0.3.1-1.x86_64.rpm"}