v0.10.0 - July 15, 2017

  • FEATURE: Proxy subdomains/cPanel subdomains
  • e.g. cpanel., webmail. etc subdomains for customer domains
  • Forward DNS records are required in place for all proxy subdomains. This will typically only affect domains that have their DNS hosted externally to cPanel’s nameservers.
  • These can be enabled on a per-domain basis when issuing a certificate in the Let’s Encrypt cPanel interface
  • We apologize for the delay in getting this feature out, but there were some technical hurdles to get over first
  • MISC: For servers licensed under Individual licences, the plugin will attempt to download a valid licence automatically
  • This happens when the service starts up and additionally during licence checks
  • The forward DNS record for the server hostname must exist and be correct for this to work
  • MISC: Licence check now runs every 6 hours, down from 24 hours