v0.13.2 - March 21, 2018

  • FIX: A bug was found and fixed relating to DNS zone edits for the wildcard functionality.
    • It would manifest itself as a failure on the first attempt, and success on the second attempt.
    • No existing certificates will be adversely affected.
  • IMPROVEMENT: DNS validation will now attempt to verify that the updated DNS records are propagated before attempting to use them.
    • Previously, WHM admins would need to tune the DNS Challenge Delay (see 0.13.0 release notes).
    • That tuning is still possible, but the plugin will also spend upto 3 * challenge_delay waiting for the record to be actively served by the nameserver. By default, this is 3 * 5 seconds = 15 seconds.
    • This is done via a non-caching iterative DNS query descending from the root nameservers.