v0.16.3 - June 07, 2020

  • FEATURE: Added --verbose flag to the CLI commands ssl issue and autossl run-for-user.
    • This should make it easier to identify why a domain is not being included on a certificate.
  • FIX: There is an issue with the interaction with WHM AutoSSL where plugin certificates are being replaced with certificates that have lower domain coverage.
    • This can result in renewal failure emails with rateLimited errors.
    • As a workaround, the plugin will re-install the last issued certificate, instead of creating a new one. It may be necessary to manually disable WHM AutoSSL for affected users.
    • As always, the FleetSSL plugin will only replace existing certificates if they are expiring, revoked, self-signed or do not fully cover the domains that the user originally requested.
  • MISC: Renewal logging is more verbose.
  • MISC: Fixed licensing telemetry issue.