v0.16.4 - July 10, 2020

  • This is a bugfix release.
  • FIX: CLI ssl renew --force would refuse to actually perform renewal if renewal was being inhibited due to too many failed attempts. This is now fixed.
  • FIX: When a renewal was inhibited, the last renewal failure reason will now always be logged.
  • FIX: cPanel has added a new Apple CardDAV APNS service. The plugin now properly excludes all APNS services during service certificate renewal.
    • This fixes the The certificate must be issued by Apple renewal failure emails you may have received.
  • MISC: Added telemetry to report current/max virtual memory limits (RLIMIT_AS) observed when the plugin is running as an HTTP UI inside cPanel.
    • We need to do this in order to determine whether we can safely upgrade the plugin from Go 1.13 to Go 1.14, before Go 1.13 goes end-of-life. This issue is the reason that upgrade in the 0.16.0 release had to be reverted, due to crashing on some servers.
    • Absolutely no user information is disclosed. All we see is your licensed server hostname and low/high values for process virtual memory limits.
    • We will remove the telemetry in the next release.