v0.17.0 - September 06, 2020

  • FEATURE: Added the preferred_issuer_cn configuration option.

    • If the Let’s Encrypt CA offers multiple certificate chains for an issued certificate, the plugin will select the chain which has a path to an issuer matching that Common Name. If no chain matches, then the default certificate chain will be used.
    • The default value of this option is DST Root CA X3.
    • This change is made in preparation for Let’s Encrypt’s transition to the non-legacy chain on September 29, 2020. The plugin will continue to use the legacy chain until it is no longer available. This is to done to preserve the highest device compatibility for as long as possible.
  • FIX: Fixed a buggy interaction with another 3rd-party plugin and the chkservd file.

  • FIX: Unfortunately, the RLIMIT_AS telemetry introduced in the last release, which we promised to remove in this release, was not implemented properly; we did not receive any data. This is now fixed, and the telemetry will be disable in the next release (we hope).