v0.19.9 - June 22, 2022.

  • This release prepares the plugin for the upcoming removal of the Paper Lantern cPanel theme.
  • MISC The plugin now stores its files in /opt/fleetssl-cpanel.
    • It previously stored its files in /usr/local/cpanel/base/frontend/paper_lantern/letsencrypt, with an additional symlink at /usr/local/cpanel/base/frontend/jupiter/letsencrypt.
    • Both former locations will now contain symlinks to /opt/fleetssl-cpanel, if the theme exists on the server.
    • For servers with CloudLinux CageFS enabled, /opt is included in the filesystem skeleton by default, so no intervention should be required in that case. However, if you have removed /opt from the sekelton, you may need to re-add /opt/fleetssl-cpanel in order for users to be able access the plugin user interface in cPanel.
  • MISC: Support for the X3 theme has been fully removed. cPanel removed this theme a long time ago.
  • FIX: Fixed an RPC error related to expired Sectigo service certificates.